Good indoor air quality (IAQ) is critical to maintaining good...

- U.S. Environmental Protection Agency


HEPAir X100 Unit

HEPAir X100 unit side view

HEPAir X100 combines a fresh, outside air ventilator with energy recovery, an air cleaner using high-efficiency particulate air filtration (HEPA), and a heating and cooling unit into one compact, conveniently window-mounted system. A specially designed sleeve facilitates installation so little window retrofitting is required. No additional ductwork is needed.

HEPAir X100 is safety and performance certified by ETL to Underwriters’ Laboratories and Canadian standards.


Replacement HEPA Filters

A replacement filter for HEPAir X100 may be purchased direct from Air Innovations. This high efficiency particular air (HEPA) filter will need to be changed periodically. The frequency will be dependent on the loading from the space and the maintenance of the pre-filters. Most filters last in excess of one year of continuous duty.