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How HEPAir X100 Works

HEPAir X100 uses the combination of filtered air from both inside a room and outdoors to deliver the best indoor air quality. We understand that the end result – healthier, near particulate-free air for your child or family – is most important to you, but it doesn’t hurt to share a little about how the process works.

The room air enters the HEPAir X100 on both sides of the unit inside the room. These two return air inlets are covered in a removable, washable filter mesh. A portion of this return air is exhausted through the heat exchanger to the outside to purge the room of contaminants.


A similar amount of fresh outside air is drawn through the heat exchanger to replace the exhausted air. This fresh air is then combined with the room return air and enters the cooling and heating coil section to be conditioned. This conditioned air flow is then forced by the room fan through the HEPA filter where it is then supplied back into the room. The HEPA filter removes up to 99.97% of all particles with EACH pass through the filter, resulting in very low particle concentrations left in the room after several passes.

To cool the room, heat must be removed from the room airflow. This occurs in the cooling coil which then, through the compressor, exhausts the heat to the condenser air flow. This outside air enters the coil in the back of the unit and is discharged back outdoors through the louvers on the side. The cooling coil also removes (dehumidifies) water vapor from the air to maintain humidity levels at comfort levels.

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