Asthma can be controlled by taking medicine and avoiding the...

- U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

HEPAir X100 vs other HEPA Filtered Air Cleaners and Purifiers

There is no other air purification system on the market quite like HEPAirX. Not only is it the only room air cleaner that has a built-in ventilation system to bring fresh, outside air into the bedroom, but HEPAir X100 is also the only cleaner that both heats and cools the space, as well dehumidifies to reduce the likelihood of mold growth.

This unique combination of ventilation, heating, cooling and dehumidification is critical to good indoor air quality. That’s because it allows the room to be isolated from the rest of the house, thereby preventing the home HVAC system from continuously re-contaminating the bedroom air with pollutants from adjacent spaces. Instead, HEPAir X100 enables air quality to be controlled by continuously re-circulating room airflow through the unit.

HEPAir X100 technology has received a patent for its unique design by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Here are some additional features that set HEPAir X100 apart:

  • While most filter units only circulate small amounts of air and primarily at the floor level, HEPAir X100 has an airflow rate of 200 cubic feet/minute, which is the equivalent of completely changing the air in the average sized bedroom of 1,000 cubic feet over 12 times per hour.
  • HEPAir X100 features a built-in, air-to-air heat exchanger which captures the energy in the exhaust air to pre-condition the incoming outside air, thereby reducing energy consumption.
  • The high-velocity adjustable discharge nozzles on the unit allow the occupant to aim the air for maximum distribution in rooms of various sizes and configurations.
  • HEPAir X100 is made of commercial grade components for durability.

HEPAir X100 is NOT a cure for asthma. Its use is to filter out airborne particles from air for medical purposes.