Home-based multi-trigger, multi-component interventions for children and adolescents with asthma...

- U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Task Force on Community Preventive Services

Features & Benefits

As part of our innovative approach, HEPAir X100 air filtration system is designed with unmatched attention to detail. It’s our way of ensuring that you don’t simply receive a product, but a complete solution. That’s why HEPAir X100 is loaded with unique features that make it an ideal solution to improve indoor air quality control and potentially reduce the severity and frequency of asthma symptoms, helping those who suffer from this condition sleep better.

Single-room application isolates room air from the rest of the house

HEPAir X100's design allows the environment inside a single room to be treated separately from the rest of the facility. This prevents the central heating and cooling system from continuously re-contaminating the air with pollutants. Also, by isolating the room and providing a slight positive pressure, good air quality can be maintained by mixing and re-circulating room and fresh, outside air continuously through the HEPA filter.

HEPA filter for effective air purification

All of the fresh outside air and room return air go through a HEPA filter before being supplied to the room. The HEPA filters found in HEPAir X100 are rated a minimum of 95% efficient up to 99.97% at removing all airborne particulates.

Display for simple temperature and humidity control

Subtle blue lights on the HEPAir X100 display panel continuously indicate room temperature and humidity levels. Switches located on this panel allow for adjustment of temperature and the speed of the re-circulating airflow.

Adjustable nozzles for maximum air distribution

Air nozzles on the top of the unit are fully adjustable and direct the air in a 360-degree arc to maximize distribution throughout the room.

White noise for better sleep

HEPAir X100’s soothing sound of operation often blocks sounds coming from both outside and inside the house.

Energy recovery ventilator for energy efficiency

The energy recovery ventilator on HEPAir X100 conserves energy by transferring heat between the incoming outside fresh air and the outgoing room exhaust air.

Durable design to withstand the elements

Built to commercial standards for durability and longevity, HEPAir X100’s exterior surfaces are constructed of powder-coated aluminum.

Special fan design for quiet operation

To ensure that the unit runs as quietly as possible, the compressor and condenser are located outside the window.

Window sleeve for ease of installation

A window sleeve, which supports the unit and facilitates installation, is included with purchase.