Outdoor air pollution not only exacerbates asthma but also may...

- Environmental Health Perspectives, Vol. 118, No. 2, February 2010

About HEPAir X100

HEPAir X100 is the first and only patented indoor air quality product in America that is dedicated to improving the indoor air by using HEPA filtration and fresh, outside air. The unit was developed by Air Innovations, a world leader in environmental process control systems with over 25 years experience in the cleanroom industry and extensive expertise in aerospace, pharmaceutical, industrial and medical fields.

HEPAir X100;

  • Is the ONLY recirculating air cleaner that uses Cleanroon Technology, the same technology used in hospital operating rooms, sterile pharmaceutical and semi-conductor manufacturing.
  • Is the ONLY air cleaner with heating, air conditioning and ventilation capabilities.
  • Is so unique, it’s patented.
  • Uses simple environmentally friendly methods to clean the air of pollutants.
  • Is designed and built to last a long time. Made by Air Innovations, a leading manufacturer of Indoor Air Quality equipment.
  • Was invented by a grandfather to help his grandson deal with the symptoms of asthma.

 In other words, your family breathes safer, cleaner air – and you breathe a little easier.