About HEPAir X100

HEPAir X100 is the first and only patented indoor air quality product in America that is dedicated to improving the indoor air by using HEPA filtration and fresh, outside air. The unit was developed by Air Innovations, a world leader in environmental process control systems with over 25 years experience in the cleanroom industry and extensive expertise in aerospace, pharmaceutical, industrial and medical fields.

In addition to air filtration, HEPAir X100 is also designed to control temperature in a single room while continuously re-circulating and filtering room air up 12 times/hour. In the meantime, the unit exhausts the equivalent of 1.7 air changes/hour and replaces it with fresh (outside) air. This helps dilute and remove airborne contaminating particles and gases. So not only will you experience the benefits of better indoor air quality, but you'll enjoy maximum comfort as well.